Philosophy of ABA

Research has shown, that Applied Behavior Analysis is highly effective at changing problem behavior!  However, at Whole Kids Co.  we take a multidisciplinary, whole-child approach to helping our kids with Autism.  We work to change the child’s behavior, but first and fore-most, we seek to view the child with empathy, which leads to a nurturing and common-sense therapy environment.    

This is accomplished by:
-asking the parents how the child is doing, upon seeing them in the lobby.
-asking the child how their day was.
-observing the subtle and non-subtle cues as to the child’s sensory needs.
-making our antecedent strategies of utmost importance in every session.
-making sure that our actions never provoke the child or push them beyond their limits.
-allowing room for common-sense.  (i.e. if the child’s parent was just deployed, perhaps they need a day to grieve!!). 
-being a “yes” therapist, giving the child choices, using non-contingent reinforcement (in the form of attention and praise) often, letting the client know what behavior we WANT to see (as opposed to NOT see), and virtually eliminating all punishment. 
-providing the child with a structured environment as much as possible. 
-shapes behavior at a pace that does not provoke the child’s fight, flight, or freeze center. 
-not over-filling our ABA treatment rooms 

ABA at Whole Kids Co.  involves NET (Natural Environmental Training).  This means, we will first seek to understand what the child enjoys, and plan to run ‘our’ programs in the context of their preferred play.  DTT (Discrete Trial Training) will be used when a new skill is being taught, or the RBT/BCBA finds it most effective for teaching a particular skill.  During the initial FBA with the BCBA, if it is reported that the child has experienced significant childhood trauma, or is presently experiencing severe emotional concerns, it will be recommended that the child receive another form of therapy offered at Whole Kids Co., instead of ABA.   

Whole Kids Co.  Multidisciplinary, Whole-child Approach 
We work to meet the needs of the entire family.  We do sibling work, as well as parental therapy.  Our therapies include: 
Play therapy, Filial play therapy, Floor time play therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Cognitive behavior therapy, Solution focused therapy, and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) therapy.  

Trauma informed ABA takes the whole child into account when working with him.  It highly emphasizes extended periods of pairing and trust building. It seeks to understand any triggers (including emotional triggers) that may impact this client’s care.  Further, trauma informed ABA is knowledgeable about a child's fight, flight, or freeze center and seeks to minimize this reaction in the client through awareness of our tone, facial expressions, timing of demands, and quantity of targets.  Trauma informed ABA seeks to keep therapy light and up-beat, and fun for the healing child.

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